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We have been working on making content and getting our Youtube page up and running. So hopefully here pretty soon you will be able to watch some videos that we are working on to show our progress towards building our off-grid farm. I know that it has been pretty slow going, but I promise that we are working on getting more content for everyone to enjoy!

We hope that everyone out there is doing well!

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Ariah’s Research Series: Tiny House Living (Book)

The second book that I looked into, when doing some beginning research, was Tiny House Living by Ryan Mitchell. This book has a lot more pertinent information in it, so I was able to take a lot more notes from it. This book was also checked out from our local library, but can be purchased for $26.99 according to the cover price.

Tiny House Living

This book is broken up into 8 chapters, and contains a variety of sources in the back section. The chapters are as follows: The Tiny House Lifestyle, Why Choose Voluntary Simplicity, The Tiny House Movement, How Consumer Culture Impacts the Movement, The Path to Tiny Living, Designing a Tiny Life, Designing a Tiny House, and Realize Your Dream to Live Tiny.

Each chapter discusses what its title suggests, and contains a “case study” (someone’s tiny house and their process and thoughts when building their tiny home). The chapters touch on everything that someone might need to think about when deciding to build a tiny house, and the book touches several times on the fact that this is simplifying your life, and changing your style of living from that of mainstream consumerist culture.

I could go into detail about each chapter, but there is so much information that it would just be better for you to check it out for yourself. My overall impression of the book is obviously a good one. The book is cleanly laid out, very straight forward, and easy to read. It contains plenty of photos, and even includes some places for writing information down as an exercise. This, along with the case studies, provides a great place to start gathering information about the process of building a tiny house. The extensive list of resources in the back of the book has given me plenty of things to look into, and review here for you all! I definitely would recommend this book to everyone, not just people interested in building a tiny house! 10/10 Would Recommend! 🙂



Ariah’s Research Series: Micro Shelters (Book)

The first book that I looked at when starting research on building a tiny house was Micro Shelters by Derek “Deek” Diedricksen (creator of relaxshacks.com). We were able to check this book out from the library, so if you’re interested, you can check with your local library. The cost of the book to purchase is $18.95 (US) according to the cover price.

Micro Shelters

The book is broken up into three parts: Amazing Micro Shelters, Tools and Materials, and Plans to Inspire. In the first part, Amazing Micro Shelters, each chapter contains information about a different type of micro shelter. These include: Tiny Houses, Camps & Hideaways, Tree Houses & Stilted Shelters, On Wheels, and Play Houses & Nooks. The chapters contain real structures built by various people with explanations for each one, as well as, plenty of photos of each. Most of the information I gathered from this part of the book was small details in design that were mainly from the images.

Part two of the book, Tools and Materials, contains a list of tools that are important in building a micro shelter. A lot of the time when you’re building a structure of this sort, you are some distance from the power grid, and this book accommodates that. Mr. Diedricksen includes several tools that modern builders rarely use, such as a push drill and brace & bits (to replace a power drill). He includes a little explanation for each tool, as well as things you would possibly use it for. This part of the book also has a chapter about budgeting, and ways to help save money. He gives plenty of ideas of where to look for things that can be reused in your own building project, as well as repurposing ideas for decorating.

In part three of the book, Plans to Inspire, Diedricksen includes 6 floor plans from the various types of micro shelters described in part one. These floor plans range from 32 ft2 to 102 ft2. The plans also show how some of the individual parts of the shelter go together. A nice starting point for someone who knows very little about construction!

My overall impression of the book is that it is well written, and well designed. Mr. Diedricksen’s writing style is very loose and full of witty humor. It was definitely never boring to read. The design was very modern, with pages laid out in a manner that’s easy to read and gather information. There were plenty of photos and illustrations to allow you insight into what was being talked about in the writing. One thing I would say about this book, is that when the man titles it micro… he really means it! With most of these structures being less than 100 ft2, this wasn’t a good example of the type of tiny house we’re trying to build; but it was definitely a good source for small design details! I would definitely recommend this book as a good source for those interested in building a tiny house!



Ariah’s Research Series: Introduction

A big part of starting a tiny home build, especially one that’s also a farm, is to do plenty of research. You want to know what you’re getting yourself into, and have plenty of information to go off of. While we work on our plans for the tiny house design, and save money, we’re working to research all aspects of tiny farm building, and life. So, I will be starting a series that reviews resources we’re using in building our tiny farm. This will include reviews of books, films, websites, and perhaps other blogs. Topics will range from tiny houses to gardening to sewing, etc.

I intend to post once a week, on Fridays. So stay tuned for the first installment, June 10th!


Buying Our Land

The first step to getting our tiny farm started was to buy a piece of land. There are about a million and one factors that you have to think about when you are looking to buy some land, but for us it came down to price and location. We knew that we did not have much money to spend, and that we wanted to move to Colorado. So knowing those two bits of information really helped narrow down our search.

I looked around on the internet for land in Colorado for quite some time. Most of what I found was just not in our price range. We simply could not afford most of the amazing parcels of land that were up for sale. Then one day I stumbled upon a website that was financing land. They had a great property that my wife and I really liked, so we placed a bid on it. Then came the longest three days ever: waiting to see if our bid won. Well, lo and behold, it did! So, we are now making monthly payments for our own little slice of Mother Nature.

Now buying land online, sight unseen isn’t for everybody. But we understand that there is a risk for everything in life. I did my due diligence to ease my wife’s and my own minds. So we feel that it is a pretty safe bet; and I have not seen anything fishy thus far. The photo below was taken on our land.


So I must say that the views were a big selling point for us! We are really excited for our future out on our tiny farm!

That is where the idea for this site got started. We figured that other folks may like to see how we are going about building our little farm. Or, perhaps, they may just want to keep up with our progress. If any of our trials and tribulations can help others out in their life journey, then that would be fantastic.

Now building a small off-grid farm may not be for everyone. But we feel that it is the right choice for us. We want to build a better future for ourselves and our child(ren). Not to mention leaving the earth a little bit better than we found it!

There are more updates coming soon so keep checking back. And if you enjoyed what you read please like our page! Also, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter by following the links on the right of the page.

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We are the Allensworth family, and welcome to our new website. We are building a small off grid farm in Colorado. This space is where we will update everyone with our progress, and talk about related topics. We are really excited about what the future holds for our small family. Follow our page and keep checking back for updates.