Ariah’s Research Series: Tiny House Living (Book)

The second book that I looked into, when doing some beginning research, was Tiny House Living by Ryan Mitchell. This book has a lot more pertinent information in it, so I was able to take a lot more notes from it. This book was also checked out from our local library, but can be purchased for $26.99 according to the cover price.

Tiny House Living

This book is broken up into 8 chapters, and contains a variety of sources in the back section. The chapters are as follows: The Tiny House Lifestyle, Why Choose Voluntary Simplicity, The Tiny House Movement, How Consumer Culture Impacts the Movement, The Path to Tiny Living, Designing a Tiny Life, Designing a Tiny House, and Realize Your Dream to Live Tiny.

Each chapter discusses what its title suggests, and contains a “case study” (someone’s tiny house and their process and thoughts when building their tiny home). The chapters touch on everything that someone might need to think about when deciding to build a tiny house, and the book touches several times on the fact that this is simplifying your life, and changing your style of living from that of mainstream consumerist culture.

I could go into detail about each chapter, but there is so much information that it would just be better for you to check it out for yourself. My overall impression of the book is obviously a good one. The book is cleanly laid out, very straight forward, and easy to read. It contains plenty of photos, and even includes some places for writing information down as an exercise. This, along with the case studies, provides a great place to start gathering information about the process of building a tiny house. The extensive list of resources in the back of the book has given me plenty of things to look into, and review here for you all! I definitely would recommend this book to everyone, not just people interested in building a tiny house! 10/10 Would Recommend! 🙂




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