What’s New

We have been working on making content and getting our Youtube page up and running. So hopefully here pretty soon you will be able to watch some videos that we are working on to show our progress towards building our off-grid farm. I know that it has been pretty slow going, but I promise that we are working on getting more content for everyone to enjoy!

We hope that everyone out there is doing well!

The Allensworths



Ariah’s Research Series: Introduction

A big part of starting a tiny home build, especially one that’s also a farm, is to do plenty of research. You want to know what you’re getting yourself into, and have plenty of information to go off of. While we work on our plans for the tiny house design, and save money, we’re working to research all aspects of tiny farm building, and life. So, I will be starting a series that reviews resources we’re using in building our tiny farm. This will include reviews of books, films, websites, and perhaps other blogs. Topics will range from tiny houses to gardening to sewing, etc.

I intend to post once a week, on Fridays. So stay tuned for the first installment, June 10th!